As the Content Lead for Meditab Software, I wrote and edited scripts for all of the company’s video content. One such series of videos included myself and other team members in front of the camera. Here are a couple from the times I took the seat:


While working with Gamespresso, I hosted a podcast examining the stories behind the aspects people usually take for granted in the video game industry. Each episode included a general introduction, a discussion of current news stories, and then an in-depth look at a single main topic. Here are a couple of my favorites:

The Game Café Ep. 7 “The State of the Horror Genre” 

When it comes to storytelling, there is nothing more important than creating emotion, even if that emotion is fear. The term Survival Horror wasn’t used until the first Resident Evil released on the PS One in 1996, but the origins of what eventually became horror games go back to the earliest years of the industry.



The Game Café Ep. 9 “The Rise and Future of Mobile Gaming”

Almost as long as there have been video games, someone has been trying to figure out a way to put them in your pocket. But now mobile gaming, the very fact that almost everyone has a gaming device wherever they go, is changing the fundamental idea of what it means to be a gamer.