Interview: Dr. Gary Baker – Serving His Country, Patients & the Medical Community 

Dr. Gary Baker Featured Image

From his time in the Air Force Reserve to innovative pain management techniques and more than two decades serving his Southern California community, Dr. Baker is a prime example of the good a doctor can do during their career.

Originally Published March 5, 2021 on


 Today’s COVID-19 Challenges Highlight a Roadmap for the Future

In the months following the COVID-19 outbreak, the US healthcare system stained to meet the rising need of patients. But the problems and weak points the pandemic highlighted were far from new. Thankfully, it’s never been more clear where we need to improve.

Originally Published May 21, 2020 on


 Transportation of the Future: What You Need to Know about Hyperloop

Imagine if attending a meeting in a different city, or even a different state, required nothing more than a quick afternoon trip. It could be possible with hyperloop technology.

Originally Published November 1, 2018 on



 Modern Convention Centers Becoming a Dire Necessity

In every destination, the promise of additional business and event opportunities is difficult to ignore. But such enhancements don’t happen in a vacuum.

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Interview: Galaxy on Fire’s FISHLABS on 12 Years in Mobile Development And Counting 

Mobile games may be one of the fastest growing parts of the games industry, but they are also the most volatile. In an ever-evolving sector dominated by free-to-play and one-hit wonders, FISHLABS Head of Studio Michael Krach shares his thoughts.

Originally Published January 3, 2017 on



Opinion: The Role for Video Games in Modern Divisive Politics 

Amidst the anxiety and doubt of modern “us vs. them” politics, it’s easy to see video games as a perfect escape. But as we go forward, video games might just be one of the most potent antidotes we have.

Originally Published November 8, 2016 on