How California Fires are Affecting Events

Meetings industry leaders throughout the state have rushed to provide support for those affected by the flames and smoke while sharing updates about all the areas unharmed and still open for business.

Originally published November 13, 2018 on



What Do Attendees Want, and Actually Need, From a Hotel?

What services hotel guests think they will need don’t always line up with what they end up using, according to a new study from Cornell University.

Originally published October 2, 2018 on



Sports Betting Forum Is Planning the Future of US Gambling 

Sports betting was already a multi-million-dollar industry before it was legal nationwide in the United States. But now the first U.S. Sports Betting Forum is charting a new course.

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Former World of Warcraft Lead Opens Indie Studio, Partners with Riot Games 

Having left Blizzard Entertainment in 2014, Rob Pardo has now announced the formation of a new indie development team, Bonfire Studios.

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The PlayStation Neo Is Officially PS4 Pro, Releasing Nov. 10 

Finally pulling back the curtain on the upgraded PlayStation console, Sony revealed the console originally codenamed NEO is now the PS4 Pro. Furthermore, it supports 4K resolution and HDR.

Originally published September 7, 2016 on